Family Wellness is offered to individuals, couples and families from all walks of life and many cultures. It is an enrichment program that communities can provide for their couples and families. Schools, churches, hospitals, industry, day care centers, mental health professionals, business and interested individuals couples and parents conduct programs all over the world.

Survival Skills for Healthy Families is a quickly learned and easily adapted family education program, which has proven effective in a variety of communities, cultures, and languages. As a certified Family Wellness instructor, you will work with groups of individuals and families as you teach new ways of living and working together in a strength-based workshop. Each of the six sessions is organized around practical guidelines for healthy family interactions – building on the positive, healthy habits that exist within a family. More

The Strongest Link: The Couple has been used for Couples Retreats, marital therapy, couples enrichment, and for series dedicated just to couples. More recently the focus on couples and marriage in the United States brings new resources and emphasis on strengthening couples and especially helping low income couples. Our experience in this field and our dedication to bringing the skills and concepts of counseling and the therapeutic profession to the community led to our writing this Handbook.  More

The Families Affected by Domestic Violence curriculum is offered for those who wish to provide families and adults with the skills, concepts and resources to prevent domestic violence. It also provides for those working with perpetrators and victims along with the mandated programs in most United States cities. We are including concepts and strategies that are of particular use for families in military and law enforcement – where special circumstances make it even harder for a victim to be safe and for perpetrators to be stopped and directed to help. The content is adaptable for a 10 week prevention program from 20 to 30 hours in length and it can be used for perpetrators either subsequent to the California mandated 52 week perpetrator course or concurrent with any other treatment. The theory, content, skills and resources included here have been used successfully for over 23 years through our Family Wellness Program. More

The The Wellness Way For Healthy Step Families curriculum offers resources for those who work with Step Families. There are wonderful examples in every community of stepfamilies that have worked well and produced skilled and healthy children.  There are also many stepfamilies in every community looking for the path towards health while feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, or disorganized.  The materials in this Handbook are offered as additional resources for Stepfamilies along with the skills to use them effectively. The concepts and skills presented in this Handbook are based on the research of what works for families to be successful and, most spcifically, for stepfamilies. More

Survival Skills for Healthy Christian Families This Handbook is a collaborative effort and could not have been completed without the encouragement, support, ideas and feedback from so many. First of all, to my Family Wellness partners and friends, George, Mike, Erin, Joe, and Ana. Thank you for your patience, encouragement, support, and understanding. I honor and applaud your enthusiasm and creativity.
Much gratitude and respect goes to George Doub and Virginia Morgan Scott for the original Survival Skills for Healthy Families curriculum upon which this work is built. Your efforts have served thousands of families in the United States and around the world. May your legacy continue to encourage, support and strengthen families everywhere. More

Map for Marriage: Before You Say I Do The purpose of this Instructor Handbook is to provide Certified Family Wellness Instructors will the additional theory, content, and skills for conducting pre-marital education to couples considering marriage. The curriculum is an eight-hour series that can be provided in one day, taught in two-hour segments over several weeks, or two half-day classes, depending on the needs of your specific population. More

Dads for Life: Fathering for Family Wellness was specifically created to motivate and equip men to be the best dads they can be. We believe that all dads, regardless of their context or background, can acquire the skills necessary to enhance their relationships with their children and their family in order to leave a legacy that positively impacts future generations. More




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